WIP Wednesday 96

Another week passes, without much knitting time…  However, I finished A’s sock, but have yet to cast on its pair as I got distracted by making a last minute decision to knit a Milo for a little friend…  It’s getting owls again, as I think he’ll appreciate them!

Owl MiloOwl Milo

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WIP Wednesday 95

I’ve managed a little more knitting this last week, and am definitely feeling the benefit from it :-) .

I’ve completed the ribbing for my Zest Cardigan, and am now ready to start the lace. No photographs, but it looks fairly similar to last week!

I completed my Noro Honey Cowl and am happy with it :-) . Then I decided it was time to knit some socks for A…  So, yarn choice is his (Rico Design Superba Poems, in Lagoon), and the sock pattern choice is mine – I wanted something nice and quick, and this certainly has been… :-) .

Time Traveller SockTime Traveller Socks for A

I’m joining in with WIP Wednesday at Tami’s Amis and with Ginny’s Yarn Along today – why not check out what everyone else has been up to!


WIP Wednesday 94

It’s probably a measure of how unwell I’ve been feeling that not a lot of knitting has been happening recently! I’m still slowly improving, but this virus seems to be taking a while to go completely.  Anyway, my Noro Honey Cowl is nearly finished, and I’ve cast on for a Zest cardigan – it’s in Rowan cashsoft 4ply, which is a delight to work with.

Noro Honey Cowl - almost thereNoro Honey Cowl – almost there

Zest Cardigan - cast onZest Cardigan – cast on

I’m joining in with WIP Wednesday at Tami’s Amis and with Ginny’s Yarn Along today – why not check out what everyone else has been up to!


Looked after, family, and getting better.

1) I’ve been unwell over the last few days – “just a virus”, but it’s left me pretty weak and exhausted, and suffering from brain fog.  And, of course, this is the week when K is away the whole week with work.

This morning, I was woken by A and M bringing me a beautiful Get Well Soon card that they had made together when they woke up. I was then instructed to stay in bed, where breakfast was brought to me. Then they told me that they would walk to school on their own, so that I didn’t have to leave the house. How awesome are they?  I’m just so incredibly proud of them both :-) .

2) Mum and Dad picked up the kids after school and took them to their house, and they were delivered home to me after dinner by my brother. Thank you all very much!

2) After another day of doing not very much (but I did finish knitting my mystery knitting project shawl – it’s being blocked now!), by evening I realise that I have slightly more energy than I did earlier. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’m turning the corner and am on the mend…

WIP Wednesday 93

I’ve been working away on various knitting projects these last couple of weeks! M’s Milo with owls is all finished – look out for that on FO Friday! I’ve actually cast-on for a 3 month version of the same thing (to finish off the yarn), but haven’t had much time to knit on it.

I planned to start knitting a pair of socks with some Noro Silk Garden sock yarn I had in my stash, but when I cast-on I was really disappointed to discover that this so called 4-ply yarn was anything but.  Reading on Ravelry, I discovered many people had the same problem with the yarn – different thicknesses, slubby, and generally not very nice, although the colours are stunning.  The Rav page comments suggested that, while the yarn was no good for socks, it would make a lovely scarf…  so here’s the beginning of my Noro Honey Cowl…  I must say that the colours are lovely, and I’m really happy with how it’s looking so far!

Noro Honey CowlNoro Honey Cowl

I’ve also been hard at work on my Follow Your Arrow mystery KAL.  I’m about a sixth of the way through the final clue, so here’s a hint of what it will look like (although the colour isn’t right – that’s Scottish winter for you)…

Arrow MKAL - nearly doneArrow MKAL – nearly there!

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WIP Wednesday 92

In knitting news this week…

I’ve continued to work on my Follow Your Arrow KAL.  I’m even remembering to take photographs at the end of each clue, but obviously I can’t show them here.  But I have completed Clues 1A, 2A, and 3B.  That means that, after a slow start, I’m all caught up and ready for when Clue 4 is released on Monday.  I’m really enjoying this KAL, and am excited to see what happens next (although the promise is that, where this week was quick and easy, next week will involve significantly more knitting!).

I’ve been working away on M’s Milo this week also, and it’s going reasonably well…  Two and a half owls down…  I think I’ll be doing four, maybe five.

Milo for Megan - halfway thereMilo for Megan
Milo for Megan - 2.5 owlsTwo and a half Owls down

I’m looking forward to catching up with what everyone’s been up to over at WIP Wednesday at Tami’s Amis and at Ginny’s Yarn Along!


Mandarin, good friends, and time flies.

1) With sponsorship from the Confucius Institute, M’s class have been learning to speak some Mandarin. They will also be performing a couple of songs at a concert in a couple of weeks time.

The other morning I discovered that M has obviously teaching A some of the words – as they got ready for school, I had the joy of listening to the pair of them singing together in Mandarin!

2) Friends came to visit last night. It was lovely to catch up and spend time together, but even more because they know us well, and love us anyway. Neither of us were feeling completely well and we both found ourselves struggling to concentrate, but it was all okay :-) .

3) I really wasn’t looking forward to going bag-packing today, but we needed all hands on deck and, as Chair of the committee, I felt compelled to lead by example. I was pleased to discover that the experience wasn’t as bad as I expected, and the time flew by!!

FO Friday 51

I have a few FO’s to show you today!

First up, the Milos.  I forgot to take photos of the first two, but here’s the newborn one…  I first bought this lovely Sirdar Crofters DK yarn to knit one for my friend’s little 18m old, and the patterned strip was an Aran Braid.  Then, as I had some yarn left over, I made a second one, this time with an noughts and crosses pattern, but I hadn’t quite enough yarn so I ended up buying a third ball.  To use it up, I knit the newborn size, this time with owls – aren’t they cute?!

Milo - newborn complete Newborn Milo – with owls

Milo - owls

Close-up of owl!

I knitted a couple of these waffle phone cosys – this one is mine (knitted in Regia Blitz Color), K’s is in charcoal grey.

Waffle phone cosy (Galaxy S4 mini)Waffle phone cosy

And finally, a pair of fingerless mitts for my Dad…

Charcoal One Cable MittsFingerless Mitts

That’s all from me for today, but for more of today’s Finished Objects, check out Tami’s Amis


Discussion, omelette, and to bed.

1)  An interesting discussion with friends about juggling (and yes, we even tried proper juggling) and finding balance in our lives.

2) Our milkman has started delivering eggs as well as milk, and we’ve taken advantage of this. Lunch was a delicious ham, cheese and chesnut mushroom omelette.

3) Zumba tonight was hard work (I assume I was just more tired than normal), but the walk home was refreshing, and I’m off to bed now :-) .

WIP Wednesday 91

Well, I may not have blogged much about knitting recently, but that certainly doesn’t mean that knitting hasn’t been happening!  We finally got new mobile phones last week, so a couple of new phone cosys had to be knitted, I knit another moebius cowl, a pair of fingerless mitts for my Dad, and I also knitted not one, not two, but three Milos!  Here’s a sneak peak of the yarn that I used – but you’ll have to wait until Friday to see the completed articles.

Milo - newbornHebrides Milo

So, what’s on the needles just now?  M loved the Milos that I knitted, and has requested one for her. The sizing doesn’t go up to her size, so I’m having to wing things a little. I’m knitting it in this lovely Sublime Egyptian Cotton, in Peony (her choice).

Milo for Megan - cast onMilo for Megan - cast on

And finally, I’ve decided to try my first KAL (Knit Along), with Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow shawl. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from when you were a kid?  Well, this is like a knitted version of that! Every week a new clue is released, and there’s a choice of clues – apparently there are 32 different shawls possible. For fear of spoilers, I can’t post photos here, but here’s the yarn I’m using – Eden Cottage Yarns Titus 4 ply, in Misty Woods. This photo doesn’t do justice to the colour.  For those of you who are interested, I’ve chosen Clue 1A so far, which certainly begins with an unusual construction for the start of a shawl!  Fun though :-) .  Are you doing the KAL?  Please let me know in the comments section!

FollowYourArrow - Eden Cottage Titus yarn (Misty Woods)Follow Your Arrow KAL – yarn

That’s all from me today, but I’m off to catch up with what everyone’s been up to over at WIP Wednesday at Tami’s Amis and at Ginny’s Yarn Along – it’s been too long!