WIP Wednesday 61

I’ve had a pretty busy week, knitting-wise, as I decided to try to complete the Red Big Sister dress…  I’m happy to say that I succeeded :-) , but you’ll have to come back for FO Friday to see the photos!

I’ve cast-on a couple of new projects since then, but haven’t had much time to do much yet.

SP Project #6 will knitted be another teddy bear.  The pattern is knitted flat, but I’m going to experiment with knitting the body in the round instead.  The reason being that knitting in the round reduces the amount of seaming necessary – a good thing because seaming the first bear seemed to take almost as long as knitting the pieces in the first place! Fewer seams also reduces the chance of holes forming allowing stuffing to leak out – important because this is a gift for a child.

Below is the head, which is knitted flat, because the triangle-shape is essential for the formation of the head.  Later today, I’ll cast on for the body, which will be in the round.  If it’s a success I may write a more technical post sometime about how I did it!

Teddy - headSP Project #6 (teddy bear head)

Secondly, I’m getting ahead of myself a little here, but I’ve cast-on for a Niemeyer shawl intended as an end-of-year gift for A’s school teacher. It’s been a really quick and fun knit so far, although I can’t quite visualise how the short rows are going to work out when I reach that stage.  I intend to knit one of these for myself too at some point…

Black Niemeyer - 3 pointsNiemeyer - patternBlack Niemeyer Shawl

That’s all from me today, but do head on over to Tami’s Amis, and pop in on Ginny’s Yarn Along to see more of today’s Works-in-Progress.


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