Hard at work, got it right, and WiP Wednesday.

1) I come down to find M painting a picture, and A knitting. Such industry for so early in the morning!

2) Her dad tells us that a receipt isn’t necessary – she loves the present (a magnadoodle) we gave her for her birthday 🙂 .

3) It’s Wednesday, so here are the projects I’ve been working on over the last week. First up, here’s my Wendy Tank Top – I’ve started the armhole shaping so not too much more to go until the back is complete 🙂 .

My Hitchhiker is coming along nicely, over 30 of the supposed 42 teeth now 🙂 . However, given this is actually only just over the halfway point in terms of number of stitches, and I have less than half my yarn left, I don’t think this Hitchhiker will contain the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But it will still be a rather nice scarf!

Finally, I haven’t really been working on Autumn Project #2, but I’m nearly finished the first of the two Pompom Handwarmers…

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