WIP Wednesday 45

I’ve completed Winter Project #1 – NOEL letters. That was a fun little knit, but they still need to be made up!

Winter Project #1 NOEL Letters

Here’s my second Winter Project, a simple Lace Edging. I wanted to knit something quick and easy, and this little lacy strip was just the thing. I haven’t quite decided what to use it for yet, but I imagine one of the kids will appropriate it pretty quickly!

Winter Project #2 Lace Edging

I have cast on for my February Lady Sweater.  Knitted using Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran, on a 4.5mm needle.  I actually cast-on a couple of days ago, tried a new buttonhole technique, and then ended up ripping it back a couple of times.  Then, when I was finally satisfied with the buttonhole, and made some progress, I realised that there was an early mistake with the increases and, more worryingly, I’d realised that I’d been merrily doing kfb increases, when I should have been alternating kfb with a mirrored kfb.  So I frogged the lot.

Beginning with a brand new ball of yarn, I cast on for the second time! My increases are all in the correct places, my button hole is satisfactory, so I reckon I’m good to go.  Hopefully I’ll start making some progress now!

February Lady Sweater

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4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 45

  1. The little lace edging is beautiful! I have been considering trying to add a little lace detail to the border of some napkins or tea towels… that pattern would do nicely.

  2. Yes, your letters are soooo lovely. It will be very interesting to see them when you will finish… Your lace edging is lovely too, a pretty idea. I hope you can work on your lady sweater without any other complication. (I’ll keep the fingers crossed!) Greetings from germany. Sabine.

  3. I love your letters! I must look into that set myself. And the lace edging would be lovely on a pillow case, along the bottom of a shade, tacked onto a mantle? All kinds of thoughts.

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