A catching-up weekend…

Another weekend… and it’s just flown by! But here are some of the highlights:

1) K and I (and another leader) took some of our church youth group to Powerpoint (Scotland’s largest Christian youth gathering) on Friday evening… With about 1000 folks there, it was an incredible experience 🙂 .

2) a) On Saturday, we progressed our 45 Minute Project when we went for a lovely sunny walk through the Carron Valley Forest.  If you like, you can read more about it over on A and M’s blog, Two Adventurers.

b) Having watched the final installment of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off last week, I realised that I was failing in the education of my children in that neither of them knew how to transfer a sheet of rolled out pastry from the board into a tart tin… In response to that we made treacle tart on Saturday.  M learned how to make sweet shortcrust pastry, and make the filling. A learned how to roll out pastry, transfer it to the tin, and then make a proper lattice for the top.  Next weekend, we get to repeat the process reversing the techniques!

3) Having been away most of last week, today has been a catching-up sort of a day, not terribly exciting, but the sort of day that you feel good at the end of, and ready to face the week ahead.