A new era

Well, I’m back!

While the blog writing ceased a couple of years ago, the knitting certainly didn’t! Life has moved on however, and I’m starting an unusual new knitting project that I want to keep track of, and I’ve decided to use this blog in order to help me to do so.

I’ve just started a part-time course in Counselling Skills – it’s split in to four modules, each with twelve units.  At the end of each module, we will be required to give a short “creative” presentation analysing what we’ve been learning throughout that module.  As my creativity usually expresses itself through my knitting, it seems to me that the best way I can do this is to create a special project.

My idea is that I will add a new section to my project each week, incorporating a particular motif, or stitch pattern, or shape, that will symbolise for me what I’ve learned.  At the end of each module, when it comes time to give my presentation, I plan to take my project in to show the rest of my classmates, and use it as a visual aid.

I intend to keep track of this project via this blog, so expect a weekly update, containing my notes, plans, and hopefully some pics!

So, that’s the idea. Now on to the reality…