We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

or more accurately, we went to the zoo. Today in fact 🙂 . Lots of fun. We went straight from church, and arrived just in time to get to Elephant Encounter – Kashin, their 40year old matriarch, has been at Auckland Zoo longer than I’ve been alive! The kids loved watching the elephants, especially when Kashin showed off her log-rolling skills – very impressive. The meerkat tunnels were another hit – you could crawl through tunnels underneath the meerkat enclosure and pop up in covered domes right in the middle of the enclosure – very cool (and yes, K and I were right in there with the kids!).

Yesterday we went for a bush walk in the Waitakeres. Picnic lunch at the Arataki Visitor Centre, then on to the Auckland City Walk, as recommended by the rangers. Not entirely sure why it’s called that – you can’t see the city at all on any part of the walk! But a nice hour or so long walk – and Megan proved to be a champion bird spotter!! She spotted a kereru very close to us, and several other birds besides. The walk itself was gorgeous and we saw several large kauri trees. The kids are definitely getting better at this walking malarkey – M is a real trouper and, while A whinges for the first half hour (takes after his Daddy, according to K!), he gets into it after that, and really enjoys it!

I think we’ve suddenly realised how little time we have left, and how we really need to make the most of it…!

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