It’s a disaster!

Aidan to Megan (spoken in complete seriousness): “I remember the days when you liked pink! Why do you not like pink anymore? It’s a disaster that you like blue now!!”

Megan to Aidan (whilst clutching the light blue cup): “I like pink and purple and yellow and red and green and blue…”

Aidan (having chosen the pink cup over the dark blue or green one) to Megan: “It’s a disaster that you don’t like pink anymore!”

What is actually closer to a disaster is that the car battery is flat. So K is at church (on sound) and the kids and I are stuck at home – thanks to the kids programme being run in a building a 12 minute walk further on from church (which is a 15 minute walk from here). Cue tears.

Oh well, I suppose it gives us more time to get the yummy chocolate brownies the kids and I have just made all ready for when Daddy comes home – K doesn’t know it yet, but we’re celebrating Father’s Day today (along with the rest of the UK) as we’ll be back in the UK when NZ Father’s Day occurs.

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