Two and a half weeks…

Gosh, is that really all it’s been? Time flies!

Wow – it’s good to be home. To be honest, I was secretly dreading the walking through the door of our house, suitcases in hand, in the knowledge that our long-planned Big Trip was over. I was scared of feeling let-down, a bit lost, not quite sure what to do with our days… now that I’ve got a few moments to reflect on it all, it hasn’t been like that at all. In some ways, it’s been as if we’d never been away.

Catching up with friends has been such fun, and putting our house and garden back in order has been good too. The garden particularly, didn’t receive the TLC we would have given it, and has required a fair bit of work (many many thanks to my wonderful parents for all their help!) to get it looking reasonable. It proved so inspirational that we actually finally put our herb garden in order, and have advanced our plans for a raised veggie plot down from the playhouse. A good blogger would have pics for you all – they will follow in due course!

Our bag did eventually make it back from Sydney – yay for Virgin Blue’s Lily, who actually picked up the phone and called us; then made sure the bag went on the next flight home 🙂 – only eight days after we did. Happy happy – and “all” I need to do now is block my lovely knitted top and then I can seam it and wear it!

(The “all” means we have to clear the guest room bed… no mean feat)

And I’ve got lots of other knitting to be getting on with, but more on that in due course too.

Aidan and Megan are loving being home in their own beds again, and out in their playhouse, and riding their bikes, and going scooting, and seeing their friends and… 🙂

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