Walk to school, skiing, and WIP Wednesday.

1) Pale pink blossom speckles brown branches, golden daffodils sway in the breeze, gardens bloom with spring-bright colours, I walk to the sound of bird song, and a flock of geese, arranged in perfect V-formation, fly overhead.

2) He doesn’t feel like going skiing today but does regardless, and comes away from his lesson flushed with success of improvement, having heard words of praise from his instructor.

3) I’ve been beavering away on my Spring Project #2 (a baby cardigan), and in odd moments managed a row or two on my lacy scarf – the scarf is likely to be a long term project, but with the back and one side of the front of the cardigan finally completed, and the second side about half-way there, I’m hoping to have an FO to show you come Friday!

Tami’s got links to lots of today’s Works-in-Progress, if you’d like to check some more out!