Sing-a-long, helping, and WIP Wednesday

1)  A bus, full of happy and excited children, all singing cheerfully along to the radio.

2) “Can we help make our dinner?”, say the kids.  

3) It’s Wednesday again, and I’ve been feeling hugely frustrated with my knitting recently. I have reached the point where I have hated knitting these fingerless gloves!!  The fiddliness of each finger, with its chocolate trim, meant insane numbers of ends to weave in… seldom have I ever been so frustrated by a project!  Still, here is Spring Project #3, almost complete!  Just need to seam it, and then it’s done!

Spring Project #3

Below is my Lacy Scarf – alas another source of frustration! I did a reasonable amount of knitting, only to discover I’d made a critical mistake and had to spend an equivalent length of time painstakingly undoing it all.  The good news: I’m back on track now…

Lacy Scarf

And finally, this little lot arrived in the post the other day… these are for my Summer Projects.  Aren’t the colours just lovely?  So restful 🙂 . I’m really looking forward to knitting with these.

Yarn for Summer Projects #1, #2, and #3.

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