Burning through, symmetry, and FO Friday.

1) The world this morning was shrouded in a sea haar so thick it almost seemed to be raining. Within an hour, the sun had burned through and the day became sunny and bright.

2) Aidan is symmetrical again – he lost his eigth tooth this morning, the partner to the one which came out a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure if whose relief was greater, after the last 24hours of crying and refusing to eat, his or mine!!

3) I finally finished Summer Project #2, the Summery String Bag! I think it took me almost as long to sew on the binding as it did to knit the entire bag, but the knit itself was easy and fun… now to find a beach to visit!

Summer Project #2 Summery String Bag

From Debbie Bliss, The Knitter’s Year, and knitted in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK.

For more of today’s Finished Objects, I’m off to Tami’s Amis

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