Visible, GBBO, and WIP Wednesday.

1) Today I could see across the valley all the way to the Ochils.  They’ve spent many of the last few days hidden in the clouds – it was good to see them again.

2) Dinner: sizzling venison grill steaks, in a delicious freshly baked baguette; accompanied by crisp, sweet, corn-on-the-cob with melted butter.  Eaten while watching last night’s Great British Bake Off…

3) In WIP Wednesday news, I’ve pretty much been working on the same two projects as last week – the Wendy Tank Top, and the Hitchhiker shawlette.  Unfortunately the camera and I didn’t manage to be located in the same place at the right time, so I don’t have any up-to-date photos.

However, if you’d like to see what they look like, then the Wendy Tank Top front (the back is complete and cast-off) looks a lot like this – perhaps a few cms longer.  And my Hitchhiker looks like a bigger version of this – with more than 37 teeth now complete.

For now, we have about 50 butterflies to stamp out of sugarpaste… did I mention that a certain Little Miss M has a birthday next week, and a party on Sunday??

For more of today’s wonderful Works-in-Progress, I recommend heading over to Tami’s Amis…  Happy Wednesday 🙂 .

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