WIP Wednesday 75

A quick update from me this week…  Here’s a pic of my (almost complete) ALBB. It’s actually slightly further on than this photo implies, and is now being blocked…  Hopefully in time for FO Friday!  I enjoyed knitting it so much that I’ve started another one, with some spare red bamboo cotton I had kicking around, and I’m ten points down out of a planned forty-two.

ALBB - 37 points

ALBB – 37 points down

Red ALBB - 10 pointsRed ALBB – 10 points down

I’ve done the sparkly edge on the Razor cami, but I’ve decided that I want to block it before I knit the straps. The sparkly yarn has made the edge look a bit bumpy, something I’m hoping blocking will sort out… More next time!

Razor cami - sparkly closeup Razor Cami - sparkly edge Razor Cami – sparkly edge

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2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 75

  1. Wow you must really love that pattern to cast on another one straight away! I don’t think I’d ever manage that. I just adore the razor cami – let’s hope blocking does the wonders it’s supposed to 🙂 See you Friday!

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