WIP Wednesday 86

Is that another week gone by already? I must have blinked, because I think I missed it!

The good news is that I am still making forward progress 🙂 .  I’m nearly finished my second Alpha sock!  I’ve set myself the goal of having it completed for K’s return at the weekend. Barring my life going mad again over the next few days (there’s no guarantee that it won’t though 🙁 ), I ought to manage it.

Alpha Sock 2 - nearly doneAlpha Sock 2 – nearly there!

I’ve also finished the first sleeve for Cherry Blossom.  I haven’t had time to cast on the second one though.

Cherry Blossom - sleeve oneCherry Blossom – sleeve 1

PS Please forgive the dodgy photos taken on my phone – K ran off to Bangkok with my camera!

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