KPC Module Three: Unit 2

This week, we began with an introduction to some of the different theoretical models in the counselling field, and to consider which models were most appealing to us.

At the end of the module, we took part in a quiz based on our values and beliefs, which would give us an indication which model best fit our values and beliefs.  Our answers were then scored out of 100 in three separate ways, giving us values for each of x, y, and z.  These scores were then drawn on a graph, and the three points joined up to form a triangle.  The direction the triangle pointed then gave an indication of which model best fitted us.

As you can see from my triangle, my scores were roughly similar so, although the inner triangle shows a slight bias towards the cognitive behavioural approach, it doesn’t really “point” in any given direction. This suggests I am most comfortable with an integrative or eclective approach, which means that I don’t believe that there’s a one-size fits all model; that everyone will respond differently, and it’s about find the best approach for than individual.  This result doesn’t surprise me at all 🙂 .

For my knitting this week, I have knitted my quiz graph – a large triangle, with a roughly equal triangle inside it.