KPC Module Three: Unit 8

In Unit 8, we spent some time learning about the Cognitive Behavioural Approach.

CBT is quite different from the Person Centred Approach we are most familiar with. It is a much more structured approach, with its focus being on the achieving the desired outcome, rather than working through the problem. The Speaker will often have “homework” to do – exercises to work on at home, in between therapy sessions. It is a useful technique for helping people struggling with the effects of faulty thought processes, or irrational beliefs.

To represent this approach, I have chosen to knit a section of Broken Rib Stitch – to remind me of the faulty (broken) thinking that CBT is often used to help.

Tech details

At the joining edge, I continued the normal pattern of SSSK (slip, slip, slip knit) to attach the knitting to the body of the shawl. On the alternate row, the first stitch is slipped.

The broken rib stitch pattern is:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: (Purl 1, Knit 1) across the row.