KPC Module Three: Units 10

In this penultimate module, we were exploring spirituality.

Spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean religion, and we spent a long time thinking through what it meant for each individual. Thirteen different people in the group meant thirteen (often very) different perspectives – it made for an interesting session!

We also did some triad work relating to this topic. The take home message from the session really was that, as with similar issues, for us as helpers, we need to ensure that we present unconditional positive regard regardless of if a Speaker’s own perspectives differ from ours.

I’m representing this session with the butterfly stitch – the beauty and flight of the butterflies remind me of my connection to God, and to the amazing world around me 🙂 .

Tech details

Rows 1, 3 & 5: Knit All
Rows 2, 4 & 6: P2, * with yarn in back (wyib) slip 5, P5 *, P1
Row 7: K1, * K7, Lift 3 Strands, K1, Release 3 Strands, K2 *, K2
Rows 8, 10 & 12: P2,* P5, wyib slip 5 *, P1
Rows 9 & 11: Knit All
Row 13: K1, *K2, Lift 3 Strands, K1, Release 3 Strands, K9*

Rep rows 2-13 until desired length is reached.

With thanks to Studio of Knits for the pattern!