More on Megan…

Given how much Megan loved her ballet class in Scotland, I’d investigated from Scotland and found a class for her to go to in NZ, but I also wanted find a couple of other classes to fill in the mornings we would be at home (given that her kindy sessions are Tues, Wed, and Thurs in the afternoon.

I spotted a poster at kindy last Tuesday, and Wednesday morning saw Megan and I attending our first ever KindyRock session! It’s fab – it’s a Jo Jingles/Musical Steps equivalent. We bought the CD at the end, and have listened to it lots in the car ever since, so we should be well prepared for attending session two tomorrow morning!

Monday morning, MIL had booked Megan into a gymnastics class – it’s not as structured as Tumbletots, but Megan seemed to enjoy it a lot (she was so worn out afterwards, she slept for 2 hours!!). Then in the afternoon, she went to her first ballet class – and adored it. Another photo opportunity here – small pink girl looking very cute! Watch this space!

Both kids start swimming lessons next week, and we’re going to go and join the library – at least K, A and M are, given they are all NZ citizens. I would need to pay as I’m “only a foreigner” so would have to pay a bond that wouldn’t be refunded in full. Think I’ll just get K to take books out in my name.

So I think we’ll be pretty much sorted 🙂 .

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