Beaches and waterfalls

Yesterday was a “teacher-only” day at A’s school, and K doesn’t work Fridays, so we feel like we’ve been on holiday this weekend.

Yesterday began with an early start as we all hopped out of bed and drove off on one of our madcap schemes – namely to go to the airport to meet Mum and Dad for breakfast! They were due to arrive at AKL at 0730 and their ongoing flight to the South Island was at 0900. So we met them at Arrivals, took them to the Domestic Transfers Desk to check their luggage in for their next flight, and then walked with them to the Domestic Terminal. We had an all-too-brief breakfast together, and then saw them to security to go to their next flight…

We came home for a couple of hours and almost got trapped in the house. They are relaying the pavement outside our house, and (yay!) relaying our driveway too – the ramp from the pavement to the road was at an interesting angle before. So yesterday, we got into the house just before they started pouring the concrete – it was really interesting to watch – and they’ve tried pretty hard to even out the dip caused by the angle of the house’s driveway and the pavement. It’s still drying now (36 hours later) though, so we haven’t yet been allowed to drive into our driveway – still it will be worth it in the end!

When we left the house to go to Long Bay later yesterday morning, we had to walk across a plank – and of course M left a foot print in the newly laid concrete! Ooops!

We spent most of the rest of the day at the beach – and I went swimming in the sea for the first time in many many years! I was thinking that the last time I swam in the sea was Christmas Day 1995 – we dived off the side of the boat somewhere between Changu Island and Zanzibar Town (me complete with recently-fractured collar bone, of course!). But then I realised that I actually went snorkelling off the coast of Mombasa in August 1996 aswell.

I always worry about sharks and jellyfish (thanks to watching too much of the Nat Geo channel!), but there aren’t too many of them around here I’m told. So in we went – and it was wonderful! Aidan in particular loved it! Great fun. We dried off, and the kids played in the playground for an hour or so, and then we headed to one of the other bays (Mairangi Bay I think) where we had burgers for dinner (Burger Wisconsin does wonderful burgers – a far cry from some of the other burgers I’ve had!).

So, I’ve told you about the beach, but not the waterfall. We had lunch today, sitting on rocks at a waterfall somewhere off the Karamatura Loop Walk in the Waitakeres (near Huia). The Loop Walk itself is just over an hour’s walk, and we were really impressed at how well the kids managed it – it has a fair bit of uphill to it, but the kids hardly whinged at all. Yay! Gorgeous day for a lovely walk through the bush!

All up, it’s been a pretty full-on couple of days, and we’re all pretty shattered. Kids are peacefully sleeping now though and Earth Hour is nearly at an end… Night night!

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