Earth Hour

We’ve just this moment switched out all our lights for the next hour. It’s pretty dark inside, and I’m envying K’s laptop which has a back light under the keyboard – I’m not that good a touch typist that I can successfully type without any light at all. I’m using my little LED keyring torch though, so trying to keep the power usage down.

A’s school are supporting Earth Hour, in fact it was through him we were alerted to the event tonight. We spent some time this evening trying to prepare the kids for the fact the lights would be going out, and I think they got the general idea, but they are not enjoying the dark, even though K and I are sitting in the next room to keep them company. They are supposed to be going to sleep (should have been asleep long ago in fact), but they are struggling tonight, despite an exhausting day.

The lights are still on outside though, although K’s just taking a quick wander to the bottom of our street, from where we can see downtown Auckland and the Sky Tower…

[Edited to add: Sky Tower was off, as were a few of the other downtown buildings, and a few of the other houses on our street.]

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