A day out at the Edinburgh Festival.

K had the day off on Wednesday and we took the kids through to Edinburgh for their annual day at the Festival.

First up was Bubblewrap and Boxes, a wonderful show incorporating both clowning and acrobatics, which held both the kids and ourselves absolutely mesmerised for the duration.

 We wandered down the Royal Mile, taking in some of the street performers (including one guy stripping down to his boxers, while wobbling on a tightrope!), then enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sunshine.

We wended our way to the Scottish Storytelling Centre, to watch a performance of The King’s Got Donkey’s Ears, a re-telling of the Greek myth about King Midas, and his judgement of a musical contest between the Greek gods Pan and Apollo, and the consequences thereof!!

After a brief visit to watch them making maple and walnut fudge in The Fudge Kitchen and, of course, sampling some for our trouble, we spent an hour or so watching the kids enjoy the playground in the Meadows,

before heading to Mirazozo. This place had a feeling of magic about it, and the kids loved it – all light and colour and corners to explore.

A wonderful day out (and rather more than three beautiful things to enjoy!).

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