Looked after, family, and getting better.

1) I’ve been unwell over the last few days – “just a virus”, but it’s left me pretty weak and exhausted, and suffering from brain fog.  And, of course, this is the week when K is away the whole week with work.

This morning, I was woken by A and M bringing me a beautiful Get Well Soon card that they had made together when they woke up. I was then instructed to stay in bed, where breakfast was brought to me. Then they told me that they would walk to school on their own, so that I didn’t have to leave the house. How awesome are they?  I’m just so incredibly proud of them both 🙂 .

2) Mum and Dad picked up the kids after school and took them to their house, and they were delivered home to me after dinner by my brother. Thank you all very much!

2) After another day of doing not very much (but I did finish knitting my mystery knitting project shawl – it’s being blocked now!), by evening I realise that I have slightly more energy than I did earlier. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’m turning the corner and am on the mend…

Weekend away, getting it done, and in time for tea.

1) We had a fun weekend, heading north to visit my sister and the family.  Both drives, north and south, were stunning – beautiful skies, amazing scenery, and excellent visibility.

2) K was kind enough to drive both ways, while I got some much needed knitting (more on this on Friday) out of the way.

3) We got home in time for Mum’s Sunday roast dinner – very welcome after the long drive south!

Shopping with Dad, home, and well done!

1) Today was my annual Christmas shopping date with my Dad. We had a really nice morning, browsing and buying, and then ended with a lovely lunch out.

2) To be home, warm and dry and out of the rain. We snuggled down, and enjoyed a cosy afternoon.

3) A arrived home from his Scouts party, held at a local LaserQuest. Not only had his team won, but he’d come third overall. Given he’s the youngest there, he was reallly proud of himself (and us of him!).

Fixed, wave, and not wet.

1) K arrived home and disappeared for a while. Later on, I noticed that the broken hinge on my lap top had been repaired 🙂 . Thanks K!

2) A cheery wave as a friend drives past in their car.

3) I had to take the car up to school this afternoon (I had to bring some heavy items home), and I was able to park very close to the entrance. Later on, when it was time to go home, I was doubly glad when the kids and I went out to discover a torrential downpour!

Relief, no need to cook, and mincemeat.

1) The relief on my friend’s face when the news broke that the Ineos plant was no longer going to close…

2) An unexpected dinner invitation for this evening.

3) I’ve finally found time to make my Christmas mincemeat, and now the whole house is filled with the warm spicy aroma which reminds me of dark winter evenings, warm cosy houses, and family and friends.


Coffee, happy day, and new faces.

From Tuesday:

1) My Dad arrived a bit early, and we had time for a quick coffee just the two of us 🙂 .

2) The kids arrived home full of news and excitement about their first day back at school.

3) We had some new committee members join us last night, and a new secretary was elected. It feels as if a huge weight has rolled off my shoulders.


Catching up.

1) School restarts after the half-term break tomorrow. It’s been a lovely holiday though, and we were all glad of the break.

2) The holiday was a nice mix of time away and time at home. We caught up with family and friends, celebrated birthdays, had a couple of daytrips, and enjoyed an evening at the wonderful Enchanted Forest, and a night in a camping pod!

3) Today was spent catching up on things around the house. I’ve organised paperwork, laundry, planned meals and sorted all sorts of school stuff. Now for an early night 🙂 .

Loved, geography, and plum chutney.

1) I’m feeling tired and a bit drained after a busy morning, including a trip to the airport to drop K off, and I’ve developed a headache.  The kids take care of me though, sending me off to lie down and bringing me a cool pack to put over my eyes. I feel very loved.

2) Teaching the kids geography as we track K’s flight across the world. We spend time pouring over maps, figuring out which countries are where, and K’s possible flight path.

3) With gifts of plums from my Dad and from a friend, I spend the afternoon transforming 3.5kg of plums into plum chutney.  I use the recipe from the Edmonds Cookbook – an NZ cookbook that “every kiwi bride needs”, or so I was told when I was given it on my marriage to K!

Walk, homework, and chat.

1) I decide to take the time for a quick walk this morning, before getting on with the rest of the day. I’m glad that I did, the rest of the day was quite full on!

2) The house is silent as A and M diligently work away at their homework.

3) I pop over to deliver something to my parents. It was lovely being able to spend time with them both away from the demands of everyone else 🙂 .

Looked after, climbing high, and spiral staircases.

1) I wasn’t well over the weekend, but my lovely husband and children have been looking after me, and I’m on the mend again now 🙂 . Thank you all xx

2) Yesterday we visited Linlithgow Palace – it’s many many years since I was last there, and K and the kids had never been. We had lots of fun wandering round, and climbing up every tower as high as we could…

3) Today was a school holiday, so the kids and I went with Grandma to Blackness Castle, and then to South Queensferry for lunch. It was a fascinating visit, and I think we all learned lots of history. The kids both enjoyed walking along the ramparts pretending to shoot the invaders, running along the wooden pier out to the crane, and Aidan particularly enjoyed practising his “running up and down a spiral staircase” technique, even to the extent of running back up to the top of the tower we’d just descended just to count the steps*! Thanks Grandma xx

* There were 80, in case you were wondering!