Harvesting, Skiing and WIP Wednesday 1.

1) We harvested our potato crop yesterday… I’m thinking that we’ll need to plant more next year, now that the kids have decided to eat potatoes!

2) Aidan skis from the top of the slope for the first time ever – he looks as if he’s been doing it for months.

3) I’m finally nearing the end of the cardigan I started knitting about three months ago 🙂 . To celebrate this, I’m going to start participating in Tami’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday (if you’re interested in seeing what other people have been up to, then it’s worth heading on over!). Now to finish off the last sleeve, block, sew and edge… Maybe I’ll have it finished by next week’s Finished Object’s Friday!

5 thoughts on “Harvesting, Skiing and WIP Wednesday 1.

  1. Well done Aidan with the skiing! I harvested half of our potatoes on Saturday. I must admit, I am always really underwhelmed by the amount of potatoes you get, I want to tip all of the soil out and find it full of potatoes!
    Looking forward to seeing the cardigan in FO Friday!

  2. Thanks Nic – don’t think it will be tomorrow’s FO Friday though!

    Chris, imagine lots of plastic bristles (from a plastic scrubbing brush), form into lots of open square shapes, then make into a large mat. Then squirt it with water periodically. Horrid to fall over on, harder to ski on than real snow, but a great place to learn 🙂 .

    Claire – I actually started it in mid-April, but had a two month hiatus in the middle, so it feels like I’ve been knitting it for a lot longer than I have. It’s a cropped cardi, with elbow length sleeves, which was why it knitted up so quick!

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