Just an ordinary weekend.

Three Beautiful Things from the weekend:

1) To garden – clearing away the weeds and preparing the garden for winter.

2) To go through the pile of accumulated mail, filing, sorting, organising, and preparing for the week ahead.

3) It was a soup and sandwich lunch at church. The hall was so full that they had to bring in extra chairs and tables, and the chicken and veg soup was delicious!

Lazy, helpful, and sleep.

1) A lazy afternoon spent sitting on the deck in the sunshine, with friends – old and new.

2) Our acer was looking very thirsty this afternoon, and A volunteered to water it, and all the rest of the plants too 🙂 .

3) Swimming [✓], party [✓], trip to Glasgow [✓], barbecue [✓], food made [✓], children’s talk at church prepared and given [✓], Youth Group session prepared and run [✓], lunch for ten [✓], dinner for seven[✓], gardening [✓], tidy garage [✓], packed lunches made [✓], school bags ready [✓], school clothes out [✓]. That’s been my weekend! Time for bed 🙂 .

Cuddles, seedlings, and Wednesday’s Works-in-Progress.

1) A sleepy-eyed small pink girl wanders through to my bedroom, climbs on top of me and snuggles up.

2) To go out to the garden and see rows of tiny seedlings poking their way up through the soil.

3) I’m loving the way my Stripey Lacy Scarf is knitting up! It’s so quick – in the picture, the first half is complete and is hanging down the back of the chair, and you can see the second half on the needles. A asked me how how I made the edges scalloped – it was fun to explain how it works, and now he wants to have a go!

My long term lacy scarf project is still on going (currently measuring 101cm) and I’ll post another pic next week. But for now, here’s my Sripey Lacy Scarf:

Summer Project #3 Stripey Lacy Scarf
I’m heading over to Tami’s Amis to check out some more of today’s Works-in-Progress…

Sunset, getting ready for Spring, and found.

1) We drove across towards Stirling this afternoon, as daylight faded into sunset – clear skies, misty Ochils and stunning colours all around.

2) To clear the raised veggie beds, and add some lovely new (free) “soil improver”, courtesy of Falkirk Council.

3) To discover a recent copy of a file I thought we’d lost when the hard drive crashed on my laptop.

Hidden, new skill, and perfect ending.

1) We gardened today, prepping the garden for winter. Tiny red berries cling to the branches of a once-spiky bush, visible only now that its leaves have fallen.

2) A learned how to sew on a button today, for the first time 🙂 .

3) We completed a wonderful evening, spent with good friends, with a lovely walk home through silent streets, just the two of us.

Harvesting, Skiing and WIP Wednesday 1.

1) We harvested our potato crop yesterday… I’m thinking that we’ll need to plant more next year, now that the kids have decided to eat potatoes!

2) Aidan skis from the top of the slope for the first time ever – he looks as if he’s been doing it for months.

3) I’m finally nearing the end of the cardigan I started knitting about three months ago 🙂 . To celebrate this, I’m going to start participating in Tami’s Work-In-Progress Wednesday (if you’re interested in seeing what other people have been up to, then it’s worth heading on over!). Now to finish off the last sleeve, block, sew and edge… Maybe I’ll have it finished by next week’s Finished Object’s Friday!

Digging, walking and finishing…

1) I got to operate a digger – perhaps not entirely beautiful by conventional standards (and it certainly created quite a mess…) but it was fun!

2) A walk in the afternoon sunshine with my family.

3) Another two FO’s! I lost one of my favourite pair of purple earrings at Greenbelt this year 🙁 , so I had to make some new ones. It’s my first attempt at making proper earrings, and I’m reasonably pleased with the result. I also completed the second of the pair of handwarmers I was knitting 🙂 . It’s been a constructive day!