Massage, artist’s palette and WIP Wednesday

1) A wonderful massage eased the pain and stiffness in my back – thanks so much to Teresa, at Sunrise Holistic 🙂 .

2) The sun painted colour everywhere – rainbows in the water droplets sprayed on the artificial ski slope to increase its slipperiness, light reflecting off the River Forth, making the Ochils seem green and lush, and finally a glorious “rainbow in the sky” as the sun set, with blue sky fading into green, then yellow, orange, pink and red, highlighted with sparse purple clouds.

3) The biting winds of last week have given way to warm summer breezes. I sat knitting in the sunshine, cooled by a gentle breeze, as Aidan had his skiing lesson this afternoon.

At the ski slope I was knitting my gift project, and I’m finally making good progress 🙂 . I can’t show you that for the time being, but here are a couple of other projects I’ve got on the go. Underneath is a knitted waistcoat I’ve been making since forever. I’m making the pattern up as I’m going along, so now I need to work out how to put in the armholes. On top is the wee bag I’m knitting to go with Megan’s red sparkly dress that she’s wearing to Saturday’s wedding…

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