Half-skating, sunset, and warmth.

1) I hear shouts of laughter and look round to notice two lads, with one pair of roller boots between the two of them, arm-in-arm, half-running, half-skating down the road.  They were clearly having lots of fun!

2) This evening’s sunset was beautiful. I especially love the dusk sky – a clear blue, with highlights of purple and pink and gold.

3) We put the winter-weight duvet on the bed yesterday. I am so looking forward to snuggling down into it again this evening 🙂 .

Camping weekend

1) We spent the weekend with a wide-angle postcard view of Islay and Jura in all its moods from our tent window – stunning sunrises, glorious sunsets, early morning sea mists, stormy clouds, and blue skies. Just beautiful!

2) The campsite at Port Ban is fab, and we’ll definitely be going back. We had such a fun weekend there camping, with friends next door. We walked, and talked, and forded streams, and played on the beach, and climbed hills, and ate icecream, and barbequed over a campfire on the beach…

3) Our drive home included a stop at Luss, and a visit to our favourite coffee shop for afternoon tea. It’s years since we were last in there, and it was lovely to find it was just as we remembered, and the cinnamon toast just as good!

Dinner, easier, and light.

1) Dinner – mince cobbler, with mature cheddar cheese scones on top, was a huge hit with the whole family.

2) To get back to some knitting that I can relax with and really enjoy, after lots of days spent knitting fiddly tiny stitches!

3) The quality of light just before a storm, then the cooling rain after so many days of warmth.

Picnic, again, and summer sky.

1) A picnic lunch with friends, at a local country park we haven’t visited together in a couple of years. Reminicising about the times we used to walk there regularly when the kids were little more than toddlers – we walked round considerably faster today!

2) The spotless starling was back at the water fountain, having his daily bathe.

3) A stunning summer evening sky, streaked with pink and blue and gold, brought the day to a close.

Waking up, sunset, and not really awake.

1) A lie-in – a lovely way to start the day.

2) In the evening, I sit looking out the window at the beautiful tree, gloriously robed with white blossom, and framed by an incredible sunset.

3) A child appears at the door, sleepily rubbing her eyes, and claiming she can’t sleep. Everything about her indicates she’s been deeply asleep. I put her back to bed and snuggle her back down. She’s asleep within moments.

Growing up, happy, and walking together.

1) He seems to be growing up so quickly at the moment, and not just in terms of physical height. I’m so proud of the caring and thoughtful young man he’s becoming, and the loving brother he already is.  Then he grabs his sister round the waist and lifts her up just to irritate her, and I remember that he’s only 9!

2) In a phone call, I hear that she’s barely taken her new dress off since she received it.  This makes me very very happy 🙂 .

3) We drop A off at Juniors, then the car at the station carpark so K can use it to run kids home after Powerpoint this evening, and then M and I walk home through the cool quiet evening, enjoying the sunset, the walk, the talk, the moon rise, and the stars coming out.

Daffodils, friends, and outside.

1) K brought me some daffodils the other day, tightly folded into their buds. After a day or two in the warmth of the house, the buds are opening, and the beautiful golden heads are starting to emerge.

2) Friends came round in the evening, and we each made progress on our various crafts. It was good to spend kid-free time together, to work together, to share together, and to talk.

3) Sunshine, and snow. The hills surrounding us are beautiful, sprinkled in white, reflecting the sunshine. The day closed with a lovely sunset, and then the stars came out.

Recipe, silver moon, and sleeping.

1) I went to look for a recipe, only to discover that it had been lost when the hard drive crashed a while back. After a bit of hunting, I discovered that I’d emailed a copy to a friend.  Problem solved 🙂 , and eight cakes are now in the oven.

2) As the sun began to set, the moon rose silver-bright in the pink late afternoon sky.

3) She was tired, and snuggled up in bed, even though her brother was still out at Cubs. Within moments she was sound asleep.

Magic kiss, vapour trail, and thinking.

1) He came running through, crying as though his world had ended, because he’d hurt his fingers on something. A simple kiss to the fingers from Mummy, the tears stopped immediately, and back he went to play.

2) The vapour trail across the sky at sunset, was a brilliant pink stripe across the darkening blue sky.

3) To take a few quiet moments towards the end of a busy day, to reflect and think about the good things that happened today 🙂 .

Birthday weekend

1) My son made waffles for brunch; my husband made a wonderful meal for dinner; my daughter made coffee and walnut cake for dessert. We climbed Cockleroy at sunset and watched as the sun set, the sky darken, and the lights come on across the length of the Forth Valley.

2) So many posts, texts, emails and cards. I feel very loved!

3) A walk – just for K and I, a visit to a local craft fayre, an explore of a less well-used path at Beecraigs Country Park, dinner with my parents and brother.