On time, home safe, and back to normal/Work-in-Progress Wednesday

1) K left for London at 0530 this morning, but I still managed to get us all up, breakfasted and dressed, and at school in time for the bell.

2) K’s flight has landed safely, and he’s just arrived home 🙂 .

3) Finally getting back to WIP Wednesday – an indication that life is settling down again 🙂 .

At the moment I’m working on my version of Zabet’s “Hubby’s Decoder Hat” – I just loved the concept – take a message, use an Ascii-to-Binary converter and convert the message into Binary, and assign Knit stitches to all the 1’s, and Purl stitches to all the 0’s. Cast on and begin… Once complete, challenge the recipient to decode the message…

I gave this hat (completed) on Christmas Day and promised him a matching cover for his HTC Desire if he could decode the message. Apart from telling him there were 96 stitches he used none of the other clues I gave him. And decoded the message – without even using a computer to convert the zeros and ones back into Ascii. I can honestly say that, until that moment, I hadn’t truly appreciated just how geeky my lovely hubby is!!

(After trying it on and wearing it for a few days, we felt that I hadn’t knitted it quite long enough, so on Monday I took it back to the top of the decreases and am now in the process of adding an extra few centimetres of length…)

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