Views, scooting, and tea.

1) We live on one side of the (river) Forth Valley, and on clear days we can see from Stirling to Edinburgh and further. Today was such a day, and I deliberately walked home from school a way that I knew would afford good views.

As I appreciated the scenery, I was reminded of a little incident that occured when I was coming down the front stairwell in the kids’ school last week. From the top of that stairwell, you can see over the top of all the houses across to the other side of the valley and, as I was coming downstairs I happened upon two little boys who had paused in their errand to admire the view:

“Wow, you can see the whole world from here!” said one to the other 🙂 .

2) On the walk home from school, I turned the corner away from the school into a quieter lane. Away from all the people, the dad who had been walking a little ahead of me pushing his child’s now empty scooter, suddenly jumped on it and sped off into the distance.

3) I very much enjoyed a cup of steaming hot tea, after a cold walk through the winter sunshine.

Back, new project, and independence.

1) The restoration of some semblance of routine and normality this week, and to find I finally have some time to myself.

2) Choosing yarn for a new project, one that I’ve been requested to knit. I’ve been imagining how lovely the new project will be (such a gorgeous colour and texture!), and now I can’t wait for the yarn to arrive now so that I can cast on and get started 🙂 .

3) A was off school today (thankfully he seems to be on the mend now), so M had to take a bit more responsibility as I couldn’t walk her home from school as normal – “I can walk all the way home on my own if you want, Mummy”. I didn’t feel that today was the day to ask that of her, but I did ask her to walk to just beyond her friend’s house.

At home time, I parked the car just beyond the house, and could watch M and her friend walking towards me from a distance. They appeared to have a lovely time chatting and I was able to watch her observe the road rules perfectly, without her knowing I was watching. She loved that little bit of independence, and I’m proud that she proved herself worthy of my trust in her 🙂 .

Fixed, wave, and not wet.

1) K arrived home and disappeared for a while. Later on, I noticed that the broken hinge on my lap top had been repaired 🙂 . Thanks K!

2) A cheery wave as a friend drives past in their car.

3) I had to take the car up to school this afternoon (I had to bring some heavy items home), and I was able to park very close to the entrance. Later on, when it was time to go home, I was doubly glad when the kids and I went out to discover a torrential downpour!

Recover, new book, and questions.

1) My morning routine and walk to school were pretty relaxed this morning but, as I walked to and from school, I passed several poor parents shepherding screaming children to school and nursery*. I really hoped that, once they’d dropped the children off, they were able to go home, have a cup of tea, and recover from their fraught morning.

2) Upon opening her mail, M received a book sent to her by her NZ grandparents. She sat down to read it almost immediately, and was later heard exclaiming to K  “Daddy, Daddy, I’ve read my new book and it’s fantastic!”. Thanks Nan and Grandad! 🙂

3) It’s too warm and A can’t get to sleep. He curls up on the sofa, drinks a cup of hot chocolate, all the time asking questions about life, the universe, and everything.

* This is not a normal occurence… we must be getting close to the end of term!

No coat, free period, and to the park.

1) I didn’t need to wear my coat as we walked to school this morning. That’s a first for 2013!

2) I passed a group of teenage boys walking back to school from the supermarket and remember the joys of having a “free period” at school.

3) My brother takes the kids out for a couple of hours this afternoon – they went to a local country park, had a walk, played with the frisbee, and enjoyed being outdoors 🙂 . I enjoyed some extra free time to make some progress at home.

Warm, unexpected, grass.

1) It actually feels warm as we walk to school this morning.

2) K’s parting shot as he left the house this evening was to ask if I was remembering that he has next Monday off. I wasn’t. His company has its main office down south, so they get English bank holidays. The kids will be in school, and we’ll have a day to ourselves 🙂 .

3) There’s a large patch of mossy grass in our back garden (the price we’re paying for letting the kids play on the snowy grass in winter!). Tonight, I took the rake to it, and raked up as much as I could.  It looks muddy, and I’m sore, but at least the grass has room to grow!

Breakfast, blue sky, and thank you.

1) We had porridge for breakfast this morning and A remarked that it was much creamier than usual. I don’t know why this should be as I followed the recipe we normally use, but it vanished pretty quickly, so I’m certainly not complaining!

2) As we walked home through the rain we discussed a certain patch of blue sky, and wondered if it was heading our way.  It did indeed, and by the time we reached home it had stopped raining and the sun had come out.

3) To receive a lovely text message, and to know that my gifts had been appreciated 🙂 .

Safe, wind, and no complaints,

1) To receive a text from K saying that he had safely landed in London.

2) To lean into the wind and feel it pushing me upright again.

3) I left home with blue skies around me. By the time I reached school ten minutes later, the rain was whipping around me, the sky dark grey, and the gusts of wind were so strong I nearly lost my hat. However, neither child complained about the weather the whole way home.

Promise, something different, and reprieve.

1) I bought some flowers today to brighten up the house – beautiful, fairylike freesia in daffodil yellow and snowdrop white. Most are still buds, full of the promise of things to come in the days ahead.

2) Having finished both my knitting projects, I started on a sewing project I’ve had sitting around for a while.  Based on this pattern, I’m making myself a bag. It was nice for a change!*

3) It snowed practically all day, but stopped just long enough for school pickup at 3pm 🙂 .

* I did have to cast-on for my next project this evening though!

Happy skin, in time, and tired.

1) I’ve been putting an intensive moisturiser on my hands at bedtime the last couple of nights. After slathering it on, I put on a pair of cotton gloves.  After only two nights, my skin is feeling much happier, and the eczema is finally calming down.

2) I was a little late in leaving to pick the kids up from school this afternoon, but a brisk walk cleared my mind and even though I was late, I still arrived before the kids got out of class.

3) I’m tired, after a busy day and a long evening meeting. I don’t feel like blogging this evening, but I did anyway, and when K calls down from upstairs asking me if I’m coming to bed.  The answer is yes.