Red clouds, nearly here, and Finished Object Friday

1) I opend the door this morning to bring in the milk, and was greeted by a white glittering world, and a dawn (this is Scotland remember – sunrise at 0820) sky lit up by glorious luminous red clouds.

2) I spot the first blossom on the trees today – spring is on its way :-).

3) Woo hoo, being Friday, I’ve got a couple of FO’s for today. I finally finished (for the second time) K’s Decoder Hat – unfortunately he’s wearing it, so no photographs yet…

As for the second FO… long time readers of my blog may remember the little gift project I was working on last autumn:

Well, I’m happy to say that the recipient has now received it, and I can finally show you the end result 🙂 . It’s Betty Balcomb’s “Flying Geese Shawl“, knitted with Regia Extra Twist Merino Colour (Esprit Spray 09325). I loved the way the “V” formation falls across each shoulder, and it drapes beautifully.

To see more of today’s Finished Objects, please check out Tami’s blog

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