Breakfast, blue sky, and thank you.

1) We had porridge for breakfast this morning and A remarked that it was much creamier than usual. I don’t know why this should be as I followed the recipe we normally use, but it vanished pretty quickly, so I’m certainly not complaining!

2) As we walked home through the rain we discussed a certain patch of blue sky, and wondered if it was heading our way.  It did indeed, and by the time we reached home it had stopped raining and the sun had come out.

3) To receive a lovely text message, and to know that my gifts had been appreciated 🙂 .

Outside, sleepy, and cloud colours.

1) It was damp out and muddy underfoot… staying in with cups of hot tea was extremely appealing. But once we actually got out there, we discovered that it wasn’t as bad as it initially appeared, and we were glad we went*.

2) After they had finished supper, the kids took themselves upstairs and got completely ready for bed – without even being asked to do so!

3) The night sky was cloud-covered, but the reflection of the lights from Grangemouth turned the clouds orange, and on the other side the reflection of the floodlights from the football pitch at the local high school turned the clouds blue. The combination of the two made for a pretty weird looking sky!

* Muddy jeans went straight in the wash though!

Crescent, duck pond, and syphon.

1) The merest sliver of a silvery crescent moon, framed by skies coloured with gentle peaches and lilacs and gold, greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning.

2) It was a cold, crisp, clear day, perfect for a walk in the park with a friend. The duck pond was mostly frozen over, but there was still a small patch of water, and the ducks had all congragated there.

3) K’s cunning syphon system is doing a great job of watering our Christmas tree… that said, it is drinking so much water at the moment, that it takes the watchful eyes of A, M and me to keep the water supply topped up!

Together, four for lunch, and sunset.

1) On the way home from dropping the kids at school, I bumped into a friend. We walked home through the cold crisp morning together.

2) K arrived safely home from London this morning, and the kids came home for lunch. It was a rare treat, a mid-week lunch for four 🙂 .

3) As we got in the car, A exclaimed “look at the lovely sky, Mummy!”. He was right, it was very much worth looking at – and, if the number of photos shared on Facebook of that same sunset was anything to go by, lots of others agreed with us!

Found, opportunity, and dry.

1) After a fruitless search, spread over several days, I finally found the perfect yarn for the special Christmas project I have planned 🙂 .

2) As a parent, I take my kids to school each day and leave them there. Six hours later, I pick them up, and listen to what they care to tell me (and, from what I gather from other parents, my kids tell me quite a lot) about their day. But that’s just the bare bones of the things they recall. It doesn’t give much of a sense of what their day is really like.

The school are very good about having Open Afternoons, and other events where parents are invited in, but it’s not the same as just being there, observing what it’s really like on a day-by-day basis.

So, whenever I have the opportunity to be in school, as I did today, I take it and appreciate the time to just be there, and observe, and listen, and learn, and understand just a little bit more of what their school life is like.

3) The sky stayed blue (mostly) all day. The views across the valley were beautiful, and the river sparkled in the sunlight. I could even see the sunset earlier this evening. We had a lovely evening walk, meeting K on his way home from the station, and the air around us felt dry – not damp and misty. It didn’t rain all day 🙂 .

Shiny, company, and Monday night out.

1) Today has been a day of extremes… one moment the sky is shiny and bright, the next almost as black as night.  Then back to shiny and bright. But the sudden torrential downpours leave everything drenched, which then glisten in the sunlight and the contrast makes everything seem even brighter than before.

2) K works from home today, and the kids are at school.  It’s nice to have a lunchtime companion.

3) An unexpected evening out to look forward to – my friend is celebrating her 33.33333rd birthday 🙂 .

Changeable, grass, and book.

1) Clear starry skies, after a day which has alternated between sunshine and absolutely torrential rain.

2) The smell of freshly cut grass on a warm summer evening.

3) I remember to pick up the book A left at Grandma’s yesterday…  later on I find him engrossed in the story once again 🙂 .

Sleep, aeroplane, and snacktime.

1) A much appreciated lie-in, courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa – thanks very much indeed!! 🙂

2) The sun is descending, but high above an aeroplane flies in full sunlight, its vapour trail drifting across the sky behind it.

3) She comes bearing fruit, crisps, biscuits, two mugs of tea and a big smile.  A welcome snack, given that dinner will not be for another two hours!

Cycle, hot air balloon, and line in the sky.

1) A and I cycle along the canal towpath to Linlithgow and back again this morning – about a 21km round trip – it was the perfect day for a ride, and it was lovely having some one-on-one time with my boy (who is growing up far too quickly!).

2) We watch as the enormous canopy slowly inflates, its rainbow of colours rising steadily upwards. Then the giant flame-throwers begin to warm the air, and the excited people climb into the basket. The tethers are removed, and gradually the great balloon drifts upwards into the sky.

3) The drive home is framed by a beautiful sunset – M asked “what’s that orange line in the sky?”, it was the vapour trail of a recent aeroplane.

Blue sky, hair cut, and cute girl

1) A solitary bird soars high in the evening sky – a graceful dancer on the breeze, highlighted against the pale blue sky.

2) To lose rather a lot of hair – very suddenly.  My head feels deliciously light and cool!

3)  A cute girl appears downstairs “I still can’t get to sleep…”.  Just as well she is cute…!