Birdsong, free, and progress (aka WIP Wednesday).

1) To go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air, and listen to the birds singing.

2) The kids come out of school in bouncy mood – they are very happy to have a free afternoon.

3) It’s felt good to make some progress on my various knitting projects this week. I completed the knitting part of Summer Project #1, and it is currently being blocked on the guest room bed. I really enjoyed knitting this – mostly straightforward in terms of the pattern, but the curves at top and bottom were a little challenging until I got the hang of it.

Spring Project #2 has been started – it’s going to be a summery string bag – again, mostly straightforward in terms of the pattern, but there’s enough of a twist to the pattern in keeping the tension right, to keep me interested. It’s nice to have an easy pattern that doesn’t require much concentration, especially when compared to my ongoing Lacy scarf project, which requires serious concentration!

Summer Project #1 Knitted Peg Bag

Summer Project #2 Summery String Bag

Lacy scarf

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