Quieted, good use of time, and cast on.

1) This morning I was visited by (amongst others) by a very small fractious boy. Cuddled in his mummy’s arms, he eventually succumbed to sleep.  When he awoke, he was a much happier baby!

2) I was doing Parent Help this afternoon, and had several jobs to do. Frustratingly, for a time, I was stopped on all the tasks the teacher had asked me to do. Then I realised that I could put the time to good use, and completed a task of my own (photocopying flyers for the Christmas Fayre!). By the time that was done, the people I needed to talk to had returned, and I was able to complete all the teacher’s tasks too 🙂 .

3) To finally cast-on for a wee project for my boy – he asked me to knit him a cover for his mobile phone 🙂 .

Special breakfast, social, and winners!

1) We had “special breakfast” this morning for the first time in ages. A veritable feast of freshly-cooked hot waffles, crispy bacon, and maple syrup. The perfect start to the day!

2) An afternoon with the youth group… making pizzas, and then playing games – remember the “chocolate game”? Roll a six, dress up in scarf, hat and gloves, then use a knife and fork to cut a bar of chocolate and eat it square by square…  That one. And many more :-). Awesome fun.

3) The team from 1st Polmont Boy’s Brigade won the Falkirk and District Battalion Junior Section Spiritual Trophy this afternoon…  my boy was part of that team. I’m a very proud mum today 🙂 .

IMG_1905Aidan and the trophy!

Coffee, happy day, and new faces.

From Tuesday:

1) My Dad arrived a bit early, and we had time for a quick coffee just the two of us 🙂 .

2) The kids arrived home full of news and excitement about their first day back at school.

3) We had some new committee members join us last night, and a new secretary was elected. It feels as if a huge weight has rolled off my shoulders.


Which plane? Lunch out, and relaxing.

1) The kids have each drawn a picture of an aeroplane on the white board we use as a weekly diary. They argue over which plane K will be flying home on. I point out that M’s plane is bigger than A’s, and that A’s is clearly landing at Edinburgh airport (with it’s distinctive air traffic control tower), and go on to suggest that M’s plane is the long-haul from Bangkok to Amsterdam, and A’s is the short-haul back home. This appeals to them both, and the arguments stop 🙂 .

2) After dropping the kids at school this morning, I head west to visit a friend in her new apartment. They’ve only been in for a few months, but already the whole place is looking beautiful – such a restful place to be. We had a lovely lunch, and had great fun discussing paint colours and wallpapers and floor coverings.

3) This evening a friend came round. We chatted, knitted, and drank tea. It was a relaxing way to end the day.

Looked after, climbing high, and spiral staircases.

1) I wasn’t well over the weekend, but my lovely husband and children have been looking after me, and I’m on the mend again now 🙂 . Thank you all xx

2) Yesterday we visited Linlithgow Palace – it’s many many years since I was last there, and K and the kids had never been. We had lots of fun wandering round, and climbing up every tower as high as we could…

3) Today was a school holiday, so the kids and I went with Grandma to Blackness Castle, and then to South Queensferry for lunch. It was a fascinating visit, and I think we all learned lots of history. The kids both enjoyed walking along the ramparts pretending to shoot the invaders, running along the wooden pier out to the crane, and Aidan particularly enjoyed practising his “running up and down a spiral staircase” technique, even to the extent of running back up to the top of the tower we’d just descended just to count the steps*! Thanks Grandma xx

* There were 80, in case you were wondering!

Walk, first birthday, and casting on.

1) The long walk in the fresh air finally cleared the headache that had been nagging away at me for the previous 36 hours.

2) We went along to the new icecream parlour to celebrate his first birthday. Given his first birthday present of the day was two new teeth, he wasn’t really feeling up to much, but the rest of us had a lovely time!

3) Casting on a new project is always exciting 🙂 . I love the feeling of looking at the balls of yarn, choosing the pattern, and then beginning to see it taking shape.

First day of school, 2013/2014

1) Summer holidays are over.  It’s been a lovely, busy, summer – lots of camping trips, time with friends, time relaxing and time working on our various projects.

2) It’s great to get back into routine again though :-).

3) Two happy children, all ready to start Primary 6 and Primary 4 (and growing up too quickly!) 🙂

First day of school (2013)Aidan (10) and Megan (7)


Weekend catch-up.

From the weekend:

1) We celebrated Aidan’s 10th birthday (again) on Saturday with a barbecue, this time with a couple of other families. It was just exactly as we hoped it would be, and the weather was great. We all had a fab time.

2) The freezer died on Sunday (we have had two so it wasn’t a complete disaster), but there was something fun about liberating the contents and rehoming them. And we don’t have to make a trip to the supermarket for a few days!

3) The kids went to their first swimming lessons of the summer today (they both have one each day this week). Then, in the afternoon, M had a friend around to play, while A was out cycling with a friend, then golfing with Grandpa. I enjoyed a precious couple of hours of space – no questions, no demands. It was good 🙂 .

Putting, evening walk, and moon.

1) The kids were keen to practise their putting, and spent ages hitting ball after ball. They worked hard, and are doing well 🙂 .

2) The night was so beautiful that, after dinner, we decided to go for an evening walk. I took everyone on one of my favourite walks – one that includes amazing views of the Forth valley, fields of horses (to delight a small girl), and a walk through the fields of the local farm.

3) The shadowy form of the moon rose high in the evening sky – the promise of the silver disc gleaming in clear skies of later hours.