Parcel, free, and happy knitting (WIP Wednesday)

1) A parcel arrived this morning – it contained a new pair of jeans. They are a perfect fit, and oh so comfy 🙂 .

2)  I had an unexpectedly free morning today, and it was good to use that extra time to do some research, and catch-up on my ironing, and go for a nice walk.

3) I’ve had a bit of fun this week with my various knitting projects – I decided to rip out some of Summer Project #1 (the Peg Bag), as it just wasn’t big enough, so I undid the top seam and knitted both sides a few cms longer. Still need to find a hanger for it though.

Summer Project #1 Peg Bag

Summer Project #3 Stripey Lacy Scarf is being blocked, and I’m really happy with how it’s looking.

Summer Project #3 Stripey Lacy Scarf

I’ve continued with my other Lacy Scarf, continuing with my usual 3-steps-forward-2-steps-back sort of progress – I don’t know what it is about this pattern/yarn, but I seem to make so many mistakes. 110cm now though…

Lacy Scarf

Finally, I’ve got some beautiful yarn (Sublime baby cashmere merino silk) in “Sleepy” for a new project. (The other two yarns will be used as highlights.) I’ve swatched it, and blocked it, so I’m ready to cast on for… well, I’ll tell you about that next week, but suffice it to say that I think there’s a little girl who’s going to be made very happy!

For more of today’s Works-in-Progress, check out Tami’s blog, over at Tami’s Amis

2 thoughts on “Parcel, free, and happy knitting (WIP Wednesday)

  1. That second lacy scarf looks just lovely. Two steps forward, one step back certainly describes my shawl knitting progress. If it weren’t for counting my stitches every row and threading lifelines after every repeat there’d be no progress at all 😉

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