Swan, early, and reading.

1) Walking along the canal towpath this morning, I spotted a beautiful swan nesting just a couple of metres away. I look forward to watching progress as the weeks go by…

Nesting swan Nesting swan

2) The parcel arrives a day earlier than scheduled.

3) K comes home promptly from his meeting so that he can read the kids their new Maui story book (it’s a Maori legend). I’m glad he does – my Maori pronunciation isn’t really up to it! 🙂

Playing, light, and parcels.

1) We bumped into friends at the park, and all the kids disappeared off together into the woods to “build a shelter” – a favourite activity. In reality, I think the girls built a “grass palace” and the boys climbed trees. But much fun was had, and they didn’t want to leave to come home for tea.

2)  It was nearly 8pm and the sun was beginning to dip beneath the horizon. I feel my soul breathing a sigh of relief that the dark of winter is finally over, and the longer lighter evenings of summer are on their way.

3) Wrapping up parcels – always good fun 🙂 .

Conversation, job done, and parcel.

1) The day begins with a Skype call to Daddy, including a quick glimpse of Nan and Grandad… so the kids start the day on a high note.

2) The kids only have about an hour between school, and the arrival of their friends.  I didn’t hold out much hope, but they both surpassed my expectations, and got all their school Christmas cards written in that time. Tick! Another job done 🙂 .

2) A parcel arrives, full of gorgeously soft, beautifully dyed yarn.

Extra time, parcel, and bedtime story.

1) My Mum picked up M from school this afternoon, and A was at Rotakids (after-school club), so I had an extra hour in my day 🙂 .

2) A parcel arrives, and it contains exactly what I was hoping for.

3) Listening to K reading a bedtime story to the kids – Charlie and Lola: I’m not sleepy and I will not go to bed. He personalises it to match what they are doing… Great hilarity ensues!

Parcel, free, and happy knitting (WIP Wednesday)

1) A parcel arrived this morning – it contained a new pair of jeans. They are a perfect fit, and oh so comfy 🙂 .

2)  I had an unexpectedly free morning today, and it was good to use that extra time to do some research, and catch-up on my ironing, and go for a nice walk.

3) I’ve had a bit of fun this week with my various knitting projects – I decided to rip out some of Summer Project #1 (the Peg Bag), as it just wasn’t big enough, so I undid the top seam and knitted both sides a few cms longer. Still need to find a hanger for it though.

Summer Project #1 Peg Bag

Summer Project #3 Stripey Lacy Scarf is being blocked, and I’m really happy with how it’s looking.

Summer Project #3 Stripey Lacy Scarf

I’ve continued with my other Lacy Scarf, continuing with my usual 3-steps-forward-2-steps-back sort of progress – I don’t know what it is about this pattern/yarn, but I seem to make so many mistakes. 110cm now though…

Lacy Scarf

Finally, I’ve got some beautiful yarn (Sublime baby cashmere merino silk) in “Sleepy” for a new project. (The other two yarns will be used as highlights.) I’ve swatched it, and blocked it, so I’m ready to cast on for… well, I’ll tell you about that next week, but suffice it to say that I think there’s a little girl who’s going to be made very happy!

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Parcels, walking in the sun, and WIP Wednesday

1) I was reaching the point of feeling the need to send off a couple of emails regarding the non-delivery of two orders I’d placed last week. I’m glad I held off though, as one company came back to me yesterday and have now despatched the order, and the other order arrived today 🙂 .

2) An afternoon walk in the sunshine, along the canal towpath.

3) I’ve got several Works-in-Progress at the moment… I’ve cast on for Spring Project #3: Gardening Gloves, and knitted the first cuff. Although not photographed, I’ve made some progress on my Lacy Scarf (but, quite frankly, it doesn’t look much different than it did here)!
My third project, isn’t knitted, but I’m enjoying making it nonetheless – it’s a gypsy-style skirt for M, using some cute fabric I bought last week. My confidence in my sewing ability isn’t that great, but I’m having lots of fun! I’m contemplating giving it a red waistband, and perhaps even a red ruffle around the bottom…

Spring Project #3: Gardening Gloves
Gypsy-style skirt for Megan

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Colourful, parcel and homework

1) My shopping today was a pleasing rainbow of colours: aubergine, blackberries, blueberries, broccoli, granny smith apples, bananas, orange pepper, gala apples and strawberries.

2) The doorbell rang. It was the postman, with a parcel for me 🙂 .

3) The house is quiet, and A sits at the table cheerfully doing his homework.

Flying trip, parcels, almost there (AKA Finished Object Friday).

1) It doesn’t snow, so I’m able to make a necessary flying visit to Edinburgh this morning, and make it back again in plenty of time to bring the kids home for lunch 🙂 .

2) I bring down the parcels from New Zealand and put them under the Christmas tree.

3) I’m a third of the way through the Christmas scarf knitting… Three scarves – varying lengths and thicknesses. These are all knitted with Wendy Chic – a delicious eyelash yarn, complete with sparkle throughout!

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Catching up, asleep, and making monday 4

1) To stand in the sunshine and share the news from the weekend.

2) As I say goodnight to the kids, I remind them that it is sleep time and they should ignore each other and go to sleep. To my great surprise, they do and are sound asleep in less than fifteen minutes.

3) To receive a parcel in the post containing this little bundle of loveliness:

All sorts of yummy colours, so silky soft, that I cast on immediately. We’re going to a wedding on Saturday and M absolutely needs a sparkly bag to go with her red sparkly dress, doesn’t she?!

My other recent makes have included a vegan chocolate cake and a batch of chocolate brownies. But to see some others, check out Natalie’s blog – how I wish I’d had time to visit her stall at the Quilt Championships this weekend!