Birthday, patch, and WIP Wednesday

It’s good to be back online again, although I’ve really appreciated a couple of computer-free weeks.  We had a fab holiday camping on the Isle of Skye – it was one of the few dry places in the UK while we were there, so we felt very blessed!  We’ve all come home feeling much more relaxed and refreshed now 🙂 .

So on to today’s Three Beautiful Things, with a bit of today’s Works-in-Progress on the side!

1) It was my not-so-small boy’s 9th birthday last week, and today we celebrated by taking him and eight friends to the local ten-pin bowling alley. There were lots of laughs, and smiling faces, and much fun was had 🙂 .  

Aidan’s Draughts Board Birthday Cake, and Birthday Party Tea

2) To sew a butterfly patch on a favourite pair of trousers and make a small girl very happy!

3) Here’s my third beautiful thing of the day – I don’t think the fact she is wearing a half-knitted Big Sister Dress detracts from how cute she looks with her face painted!!

I made significant progress on this garment while we were on holiday last week, and it’s nearly long enough (it’s curled up at the bottom, so it is actually longer than it looks). It will be good to get this done – the yarn is lovely to work with, but the endless rows of knit stitches is getting a little boring!

For more of today’s Works-in-Progress, please check out Tami’s blog here

One thought on “Birthday, patch, and WIP Wednesday

  1. I had a bowling birthday party as a kid, and I still remember it really fondly. 🙂 I’m glad you’re giving your son a similar good memory.

    And that dress! It’s wonderful, I love the colours an stripes and shaping. And what a lovely model, too.

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