Floors, distraction, and WIP Wednesday

1) For the second time this morning, I clean the floors (I’m very grateful for laminate flooring!).  But I don’t really mind – judging by the amount of dust, mud, and biscuit crumbs, much fun was had by two small boys!

2) Not long before they were due to leave, the grizzling started.  I set all five spinning tops going and the grizzles ceased quick smart.

3) I haven’t taken pictures, but my Oddments Knitting Bag is completed and currently blocking.  Not sure if I’ll have it done in time for this week’s FO Friday, as I still need to weave in the ends (and there are a lot of them), seam it, and line it…

For a bit of light relief, I’ve swatched for a new project (it’s currently blocking too), and I’ve started this new scarf.  I found this gorgeous recycled mulberry silk yarn at a tiny little craft shop called The Clippet Sheep, north of the town of Strontian. In the shop I saw a scarf knitted with it, but wasn’t sure how to replicate it.  Yesterday I found a pattern, and discovered the joys of Dropped Stitch Knitting!!

Dropped Stitch Scarf

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