Warm, spot-on, and thankfully.

1) I washed our bedding yesterday, and exchanged our summer-weight duvet for our lovely snuggly winter-weight one.  This morning I was so warm and cosy I didn’t want to get up.

2) After searching through several shops further afield, I went to a local fabric shop this morning.  When I spotted one particular bolt of fabric, I knew instantly that it was the perfect one 🙂 .

3) A few days ago I went to the shop to buy a new bulb to replace the rear brake light on our car.  I was looking through the book to work out which bulb I needed, when one of the shop assistants came up and took over – he handed me a bulb and assured me it was the right one.  As I thanked him, I remembering thinking that that was a lovely thing to do.

I was less pleased this evening to discover that, when K went to fit the new bulb, the bulb I’d been sold was actually the wrong one!  Thankfully, it turned out that we needed the same type of bulb as the ones we’d used in the old car, so we still had a spare bulb kicking around.  That said, I imagine I’ll think twice before accepting help the next time!

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