Holiday at home: a visit to the Science Centre.

1) We started our day with a favourite breakfast – boiled eggs, with toast soldiers to dip 🙂 .

2) We spent most of today at the Sensations Science Centre, in Dundee.  It’s an excellent science centre – lots of hands-on activities, and demonstrations, pitched at varying levels so plenty there for adults and kids, all in one big open-plan room, so we could all wander around to our heart’s content, without feeling too worried about losing each other.

2b) K and I played each other at “Mind Ball” – we both wore a head band with electrodes strapped to it.  The person who was the most relaxed pushed the ball towards the other opponent’s end.  K won – hmmm.

3) After the kids were asleep, K and I got out one of our Christmas presents from last year – the ingredients for making our own Fudge Kitchen fudge.  After some discussion, we made chocolate fudge with pistachios…  I love the green flecks against the dark brown chocolate. I’m looking forward to eating some!