Stolen time, across the years, and missing Daddy.

1) I pop by to give some Christmas gifts to a friend. She was surrounded by bags and boxes, getting ready to go on holiday. But we snatched a quick half hour for a cuppa and catch-up (which included a delicious baby cuddle, and a toddler chat). It was good.

2) To go for coffee with a friend (she lives on another continent and I haven’t seen her in many years), and to meet her gorgeous little girl for the very first time.

3) It’s late, and M is still awake. She’s missing her Daddy too much to sleep 🙁 .  The computer is on, so I hit Call on the Skype screen. A few moments later K answered the call and she had a lovely chat – I don’t think she had quite realised that, despite the distance and time difference, talking to Daddy could be that simple and immediate. She went back to bed a much happier little girl 🙂 .

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