Work-in-Progress Wednesday 59

Another week, another Wednesday… actually I’ve been confused about days all week – for some reason I’m sure this must be Thursday!  Anyway, I’m knitting away on another of my Small Person Projects…  This time, another request – a cardigan knit using the same yarn I used for my Jupiter Clapotis.

So, here it is. I’m using the same pattern I used for M’s Hug Me shrug.  The back is complete, and I decided to pick up the sleeve on circular needles, to save on seaming later!  It’s working pretty well (although, obviously I had to adjust the pattern accordingly).

Jupiter cardiJupiter - feather and fan patternSP Project #3 Jupiter Hug Me Shrug

PS The eagle-eyed among you will be asking, but what happened to SP Project #2?  Well you’ll see that on Friday – it’s already done!

PPS Not knitting, but K would probably have me show you this WIP too…  my friend and I are having our own sew-along “Make your own bag”!

Messenger bag - liningMessenger Bag – lining fabric

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