Breakfast, teamwork, and zumba.

1) Tea and toast (and fruit juice). One of the best starts to the day 🙂 .

2) Both the kids wrapped up warm and went out to help K begin to shift the one cubic metre of play bark (delivered on Monday) from the front to the back garden. I made the dinner (and washed the dirty clothes afterwards!).

3) After weeks of not finding a time we were both available, my friend and I were both free the same week, and I gave in to persuasion and went to Zumba for the first time ever…  Twenty minutes in, I remember asking her how long the class lasted.  The answer was one hour.  Hmm.  The next time I looked at the clock however, it was thirty minutes later, and we were just about to start the cooling-off phase.  I found the class itself a lot of fun, and was pleasantly surprised by my aerobic fitness.  I have a feeling I’ll have a few achey muscles over the next couple of days though…