Finished Object Friday 37

Last week I promised to show you some of my FO’s from my Small Person Project

First up, one of my god-daughters will be having a minor operation soon, and her parents have been warned to expect the pain to be at its worst 3-5 days post-op.  So I thought I would make a few wee things that may help distract her during those days.  Last time she came, she loved snuggling up with my Jupiter Clapotis, so I thought I would make her her very own sparkly scarf (minus the holes that small fingers would catch on easily)…

Isla's sparkly scarfSP Project #2: Sparkly Scarf

And I came across this little sparkly party bag that I knitted a year ago, so I finished it up too.  I’m going to put a bead necklace (she loves beads!) inside.

Sparkly party bagSparkly Party Bag

SP Project #4 Sparkly Party Bag

And finally, back to one of the requests which triggered this project in the first place… A cardi made from the same yarn as my Jupiter Clapotis. I’m really pleased with the result, and I particularly like how the feather and fan pattern combined with the varigated yarn produces these lovely wavy lines!

I gave it to the recipient a few days ago, and she seemed delighted with it 🙂 .

Jupiter Hug Me - feather and fan pattern Jupiter Hug Me - front view Jupiter Hug Me - back viewSP Project #3: Jupiter Hug Me

That’s it from me today, but do check out Tami’s Amis for more of today’s Finished Objects…



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