WIP Wednesday 62

For once, I haven’t started anything new over the last week as I’ve been working on the two projects I mentioned last week…

Firstly, SP Project #6, another knitted teddy bear. I did knit it in the round, apart from the head and the arms and I’m mostly happy with the result, but I’d like to have another go sometime to see if I can do a better job of attaching the arms. I don’t particularly like the shape of the arms in this particular pattern, so I think I’ll adjust that a bit next time!

This teddy is going to be a rock-climbing teddy bear! So, as I mentioned yesterday, I had to make some rope for her to carry. This was heaps of fun to do, especially as it involved using the electric drill to create the twist!  I’m super-happy with the result, and now teddy has a coordinating rope to go with her outfit, which is obviously essential 😉 !  I’ve still got to make her shoes and her backpack, but I should get them done in time for Friday.

Teddy - almost complete Homemade ropeSP Project #6 Rock Climbing Teddy

Secondly, I’ve been making some progress with the Niemeyer, it’s really has been a quick and easy knit. I’ve completed the lace edge now, so the next job is to pick up the stitches around the edge for the short rows…

Black Niemeyer - outside Black Niemeyer - closeup

Black Niemeyer

That’s all from me today, but do head on over to Tami’s Amis, and pop in on Ginny’s Yarn Along to see more of today’s Works-in-Progress.


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  1. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the rope since yesterday’s post! Absolutely gorgeous, I love the bear. I might have to do something similar for my brothers birthday this year!

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