WIP Wednesday 81

This last week, I’ve been mostly working on my Miss Kitty… I did have plans to cast on the second Alpha sock, but problems with Miss Kitty took up most of my time!

I decided to add a couple of extra vertical pattern repeats to lengthen the body, and then it was time to add in the sleeve edgings.  For those not familiar with the pattern, the sleeve edgings are 52 stitches cast on and joined to knit in the round, and then a further two rounds are knitted.  These are then joined in to the body on one round (i.e. you go from 6 horizontal pattern repeats, to 10).  The pattern warns that doing this might be “quite tight”, and that you might like to use extra circular needles at this stage.

Note to self: before starting a pattern in the future, read other people’s comments on Ravelry – it would have saved me a weekend of futile time and effort.

I tried using both DPN’s and circular needles, and took extra care, but I still ended up with a huge hole under each arm, and horribly stretched stitches.  In the end, I ripped it out, and reknitted each sleeve edging, but this time on the straight.  I would definitely recommend doing this – I will have a few centimetres worth of seaming to do, but this is a small price to pay for a result I’m much happier with.  As I said, had I read Rav before I got to this stage, I would have realised that I was certainly not alone in battling with the sleeve edgings!

Still, here we are.  There are four vertical pattern repeats before the yoke, and I’m on pattern repeat two.  So, I’m getting there, if somewhat slower than I’d hoped.

IMG_1272Miss Kitty – sleeve edgings

Right, I’m off to check out WIP Wednesday at Tami’s Amis and Ginny’s Yarn Along to see what everyone else has been up to!


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  1. That’s really, really good to know! I have Miss Kitty in my Ravelry queue just waiting for me to have the time, so an extremely useful tip at an extremely opportune moment. Thanks 🙂

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