KPC Module One: Unit 1

Module One, Unit 1 of my Counselling Skills course was mostly about introduction. Introducing ourselves to our fellow classmates, and our trainer; getting to know the venue; learning about the content of the course, and the format it would take; and discussing our hopes and expectations, and fears, relating to the year ahead.  Handing in paperwork, and other bits of admin rounded out the evening.

In a nutshell, as Unit 1 was really about putting everything in place, and getting set up and ready for what lies ahead, this week’s KPC (KnittingProjectCounselling) is the same.

Firstly, the decision of what to knit: well, the answer is easy – one of my most favourite projects to knit is a shawl. Lace lends itself to interesting stitch patterns and motifs, so that seems a natural direction for me to take.

Next, the yarn. What weight? Which colour? How do I incorporate the four different modules?

I spent a happy hour browsing my favourite online suppliers, and selecting some yarn which I think will work.  I’ve chosen 4-ply, which lends itself well to lace knitting. Unfortunately (and the reason for the delay in publishing this post), the yarn I’ve chosen hasn’t yet arrived, so you’ll just have to wait (albeit you will be far more patient than I currently am!).

After considerable thought as to the design, I’ve decided to adapt Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow shawl.  I joined in the original mystery Knit-A-Long in early 2014 – five clues were released at weekly intervals, but each clue had two options, so there were 32 different combinations.  This was the final result..

I don’t plan to follow the same sequence of clues as I did the first time, so this should be a fun adventure!