KPC Module Three: Unit 5

Continuing the theme of the Psychodynamic perspective, in this unit we were thinking about Self-Awarenes and The Significance of Past Experience. We discussed the ways in which our own life experiences can influence us when using our counselling skills, and spent some time thinking about when it might be appropriate to take a step back from practising counselling.

We then took some time to reflect upon our own life, and created a timeline with significant life events from our own lives. We drew a line in the centre of the page, then put positive life events above the line and negative life events below the line. The distance from the line in either direction reflected the significance of the event. After creating our own timelines, we were then able to discuss them with a partner in the context of the Erik Erikson’s psychosocial developmental stages.

In triad work, we chose one significant negative event from our adult lives, and spoke about it and the effect it had on us.

Reflecting this in my project, I’ve created a horizontal line with several perpendicular lines of different heights, on either side of the line, which represents the timeline we worked on in this unit, and to remind myself of the influences in my own life.

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