KPC Module Three: Unit 6

I’m back, after something of a hiatus – Central Scotland was snowed-in last week, resulting in the course being cancelled last Wednesday, and again on Saturday. As a result, we’re now a little behind, and some topics in the remainder of the module will probably happen slightly out of sequence.

As I’ve mentioned before, at the end of each module we have to submit a self-reflective essay, and give a presentation to the rest of the group. For this module, the essay is somewhat different – we are required to record a twenty minute triad session, with ourselves as Listener. We then transcribe a five minute section of this session, and write a reflection based on our performance. So on Wednesday this week, we spent the entire session in our triads making these recordings!

Representing this, I’ve made a small circle and a large circle, each with a centre, reminding me of a cassette tape – remember those?!

Tech details:

This was another turning point on the pattern, so on the penultimate row of this block I knitted the following to create the increase section:

K to 4st before end. Turn; P to end. *K to 4 st before gap. Turn; P to end.* Rep from * to * until only 4 stitches remain. Knit across the row, closing the gaps as you go.