KPC Module Four: Unit 1

I’m pleased to announce that I passed Module Three, both my essay and presentation went well, and I received positive comments on both 🙂 . Which brings me now to the start of Module Four. Already!

As is normal for the start of a new module, we did a brief recap of the previous module, during the first unit. Following on from that, we spent some time reflecting on Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, and how that might relate to when we are using a counselling approach. Then we spent some time doing skills practise in triads, during which we were invited to reflect upon the personal journey we have been on as we have gone through the course.

Initially this seemed a bit of a strange topic to discuss on our first night back after a four week break, but actually it’s a bit of preparation work for our final essay. In one of the segments of the essay, we will be asked to reflect on our own personal journey, and I think Unit One’s skills practise was really to get us thinking about it now. I actually found this a fairly straightforward thing to discuss, although I’m aware that others found it harder. The process of creating this shawl has required me to think quite hard about what each session has meant to me, and for each presentation and essay, I have reflected at length about my journey, so to then describe it in the triad, I found I already had a fairly coherent story to tell.

Module Four is titled Integration, which makes me think of taking all that we have learnt and integrating it into one cohesive whole. For the knitting, the final clue in the pattern is also knitted on to the edge of the body of the shawl as you saw in Module Three, and the pattern forms a series of points along the outside edge of the shawl. So, my plan is to follow the pattern for the points, as written in the clue, which I hope will help to bring the pattern together, and make it a harmonious (integrated!) whole. The section between the knitted-on edge, and the actual point, will be where I put my own interpretation of each week.

So, as I thought about Unit One of Module Four, I had a real sense of being on the home strait – the end is in sight! So to represent this I have knitted a bunting/flag pattern, to remind me of the flag waved to indicate the beginning on the last lap.