KPC Module Four: Unit 2

This week we were looking at another of the Humanistic/Existential Perspectives – Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt Therapy appears to be quite a polarising type of therapy, with some people extolling its virtues, and others hating it!

The Gestalt approach centres on enabling a person to become much more aware of themselves, thereby improving their understanding of what’s going on in their lives right now. The therapy uses techniques designed to increase that awareness, to enable the individual to realise how their own negative thought patterns and behaviours are affecting the way they live their lives right now.

Gestalt Therapy can be very helpful for those dealing with specific issues, such as anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties. But some of the techniques can often seem quite harsh, as the counsellor attempts to help the person become aware of what’s really going on.

I don’t think it’s an approach that I would choose to use myself, but I found the session very useful in giving me some new tools which may be useful when using the more person-centred route I am more drawn to.

So, to represent this week, I chose to use two colours of yarn, and a stitch pattern called Bee stitch. The two colours remind me that I need to look closely, become more aware, of what’s actually going on; and the stitch name reminds me that sometimes just allowing ourselves to “be”, and become aware of what is going on in our bodies, is really important.

PS Our next session isn’t until the 9th May, so the next post won’t be until after that! Hope you have a good couple of weeks 🙂 .

Tech details

Following Follow Your Arrow Clue 5B as set. But instead of the garter section in the middle, I used Two-Colour Bee stitch, as explained here.